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YogaYoga Mat Storage Rack

Best Yoga Mat Storage Rack – Where to buy them?

The yoga mat storage racks are very fashionable. In addition to their popularity, the wall mounted yoga mat shelves can be placed in different parts of the house such as bedrooms, bathrooms and the living room. Above all, what I like the most about yoga mat wall hangers is that they can be hung on the wall. So, you will take advantage of the floor space to place a sofa or other furniture.

Most importantly, they are very diverse, not only in color or material but also in shape. You can get those shelves with many shelves and a single shelf. By the way, they are very striking. If you know how to organize them, they will be an excellent decorative piece.

It’s time to reorganize your home! Stop wasting the spaces in your home or office with your yoga mats or yoga accessories. I recommend that you get a suitable shelf to hang your yoga mats on the walls. To do this, here are the 5 best yoga mat storage racks available on the market today.

Yoga Mat Storage Rack Comparison

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On the other hand, you should also consider whether you are allowed to hang them on the walls. Do you live in a rented place? If yes, you might need to talk to the landlord about the wall shelves 🙂

If your wall surfaces are your very own (or you have a forgiving property manager), you are very lucky! The reason is that you have great deals of selections in yoga mat storage wall mounts. You can install them on the wall surface, varying from straightforward hooks to nicely-styled moldings. For example, some of the wall mounts even have space for little bits as well as items like yoga blocks and also yoga mat straps.

Wallniture Guru Wall Mount Yoga Mat Foam Roller

This yoga mat storage rack offers you an effective means to keep your workout and also yoga exercise floor covering, foam rollers, exercise bands. Wallniture Master shelf can fit the complete dimension 6″ size foam rollers securely. While saving your yoga workout devices, do not develop a mess! By mounting Master yoga exercise floor covering owner wall surface place, produce additional storage room in an elegant method.

Wallniture Expert 3 sectional wall surface shelf’s durable style provides you a risk-free storage area for your slim and also thick yoga exercise mats. You can utilize lower hooks to hang your hand towels, workout bands, yoga mat bag and even more! This exercise floor covering owner includes all needed placing equipment for your convenience. To maintain all your exercise tools arranged and also divided, simply hang it on your wall surface. This product is Amazon’s Choice and you can purchase this yoga mat shelf on Amazon.

IRON AMERICAN Omega Multi Purpose Yoga & Exercise Mat Storage Rack

Iron American yoga mat storage rack holds 8 mats. Say goodbye to too much large and also pricey bins/carts to keep your yoga exercise tools. This hanger can keep foam rollers, yoga exercise blocks, and yoga mat straps swiftly as well as quickly with its long lasting wall mounts.

Some of the mats such as Manduka Pro XL are too big and large. Therefore, the regular yoga wall racks cannot hold those kind of mats. Iron American Omega Multi Purpose Yoga Mat Storage Rack, however, can store those kinds of heavy and oversized mats too. The size of the yoga mat rack might seem a little bit small to you. But it will definitely do the job for you. The screws and the anchors come with the product. So that you do not need to buy those extra stuff to install your yoga mat storage rack. Just purchase this one and start re-organizing your home.

YYST Yoga Mat Foam Rollers Wall Rack

The features of YYST yoga mat storage racks are 4 flexible shelfs, 4 screws, 4 R rings to hold 4 little light-weight yoga exercise floor mats or foam rollers. You should utilize 2 shelves to hold one yoga mat if your yoga mat is more than 3 POUNDs. If the mat is less than 3 pounds, everything is ok.

The fixes are flexed to somewhat likely upwards to maintain yoga exercise mats as well as foam rollers. You can flex it to fit your various dimensions of yoga mats. After you place the yoga mat on the shelf, you can push both fixes to get hold of it much better. Excellent room saver for your health club or residence.

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MyGift Wall-Mounted Vintage Yoga Wall Mounted Rack

If you are into the look of the yoga mat storage rack, then definitely go with this option. I care about the design of my own home and I have vintage furniture everywhere. Considering the other yoga mat storage options above, they are all metal look wall racks. So, this vintage designed yoga mat storage is the best choice for me. I had this shelf for numerous months and also was ultimately able to obtain it put up as well as it looks terrific! You can have it hung in your garage considering that you have actually made that a workout location.

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Sportify Foam Roller & Yoga Mat Storage Shelf

This one is also for you if you are into a natural design and wooden look. One set holds 4 mats and if you purchase two sets, you can store 8 mats. You can prefer this option if you give yoga classes in your own apartment. Otherwise, you do not need that yoga storage wall shelves. As you can only use this rack for yoga mats, this one not works for heavy yoga blocks or other yoga equipment. You can also purchase this yoga mat holder if you have a yoga studio. It is a great fit to your yoga studio if you designed your yoga studio in wooden design.

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