Home Yoga Yoga Mat on Carpet – A Great Way to Exercise Indoors

Yoga Mat on Carpet – A Great Way to Exercise Indoors

Yoga Mat on Carpet – A Great Way to Exercise Indoors

Yoga on Carpet: Is it really possible?

Yoga mats are becoming popular around the world for it’s unique style and look. Now yoga mats are not trending because of some pop culture references or for aesthetic reasons but rather people are getting more and more health conscious which is a good thing. Yoga mat on carpet is what people at home usually do for their own ease and luxury. So this article is basically about all the best yoga mat on carpet you can find and some pros and cons along with it that would help you decide your next yoga mat to start practicing on carpet.

Yoga Mat On Carpet Chart Comparison

(L*W*H) (inches)
BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise MatRanges from ½ inch to 1 inch23.62 x 23.62 x 0.39Amazon
Magic Carpet Yoga Mat3 mm(0.11 inches)24.02 x 4.53 x 4.50Amazon
Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat0.6 Centimeters(0.26 inches)72 x 26 x 0.25Amazon
TOPLUS Travel YogaMat1/16 inch (0.0625 inches)12*8 (L*W)Amazon
Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat¼ inch (0.25 inches)72*24(L*W)Amazon

Yoga Mat Product Reviews

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat:

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

This yoga mat is just something from the rich thickness to the great dimensions to the overall material quality. This item is what you really need if you are really serious about yoga and are going to dive deep into this world. If you have a soft and thick carpet, using those exercise blocks will help you keep stable on yoga poses. This is not a yoga mat but you need those exercise mats if you practice on carpeted floors. You still need your yoga mat on BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat.

  • Awesome thickness and ranges of thickness
  • Good Quality
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Expensive
  • Assembling takes time

Magic Carpet Yoga Mat:

Magic Carpet Yoga Mat

This yoga mat gives off a feeling of relaxation as you look at the designs sketched on the yoga mat for carpet. It basically is a yoga mat but looks like a carpet. Best for sweat absorbing. If you have wooden floors on your house but you would like to practice yoga on carpet, then go with this one. You can still use this mat on carpeted floors though. I like the oriental style of this mat so the design and the look is another consideration for you.

  • Beautiful Designs
  • Good Quality
  • Low Thickness
  • Low Dimensions

Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat:

Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat for Carpet

This is the go to yoga mat on carpet for those who are undertaking yoga for the first time and doing this in their homes and stuff. With many vibrant colours it’s all about the customer’s choice. Also this is a material made for eco-friendly. You can use this mat safely on your carpeted floors.

  • Acts as a personal trainer
  • Good Quality
  • Eco-Friendly Material
  • Non-Slippery
  • Low Thickness
  • Low Dimensions

TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat:

TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat for Carpet Yoga

This yoga mat comes with its own carrying bag. Also with minimalist design it attracts those who don’t want to do yoga just for aesthetic reasons. Easily foldable and good in price. Most of the yoga mats are too heavy to carry on with you. If you travel a lot an stay on hotels, you will probably need this one.

  • Eco-Friendly Material
  • Non-Slippery
  • Yoga Carrying Bag
  • Foldable
  • Only one year guarantee

Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat:

Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat on Carpet

Essential’s Yoga mat by Gaiam is a serious yoga mat with focus on material and quality instead of going all that way for aesthetics and style. If you are into yoga and you will practice yoga for years, you should start investing on this yoga mat.

  • Eco-Friendly Material
  • Long use
  • Classic Style
  • No Guarantee
  • Only a Mat carrier sling included
  • Slippery on excessive use

Buyer’s Guide – what to consider before buying the mat:

a. Important Feature 1: Thickness:

Thickness is all about how much interactivity with the floor really matters to the person. If you are a person who gets obviously annoyed with the uncomfortable hard floor interfering during your workout or yoga, then you really should consider thickness in a yoga mat.

b. Important Feature 2: Slippiness:

Slippery Mats become a discomfort for everyone who has a serious mind about yoga and stuff. Materials that contain any type of cotton fabric or terry fabric, Microfibers and Natural Tree Rubbers.

c. Important Feature 3: Dimensions

Dimensions are also a major role playing thing in this struggle to find the perfect yoga mat.  Because if a yoga mat proves short then all that hassle to buy a mat and pay a certain price for it becomes fruitless in nature and you’re left with a useless mat.

d. Important Feature 4: Material

Type of material is usually accounted for slippery and durability natures. E.g PVC composed mats have a long life of use but they easily slip if a large amount of sweat is absorbed by the surface.

e. Important Feature 5: Color & Pattern

The color or pattern or design is only accounted for if the person who is buying the mat is buying for yoga and aesthetic purposes. The colour options sometimes provide a person to buy something that goes with the mood of the room.

f.  Important Feature 6: Price

Price should be an important factor in buying the mat as some of the mats are very expensive. If you try to buy a very cheap yoga mat off an online store in hopes of saving money, chances are that you just wasted your money instead. Because not all people look out for the material composed in the yoga mat and it proves to be useless in nature just to save a few bucks.

Yoga on Carpet (FAQ) 

a. Can you do yoga on carpet?

Ans: Yes, Yoga can be done on a mat or a carpet as long as it is comfortable for the person who is doing it. Many people find that it is very hard to do yoga on carpet. This could be because the floor could be slippery and makes it difficult for you to keep your balance, or you may not like the texture of the carpet. If you are one of these people and still want to learn yoga poses on the carpet, there is something that you can try that will make it much easier for you.

b. How to do yoga on carpet?

Ans: While there are many excellent classes available for yoga beginners at local studios, it’s also possible to learn yoga poses in your own home and on your carpet. Just place your yoga mat on the carpet and start doing yoga as usual in a normal routine. Find out how in the video below:

c. How to stop a large yoga mat from slipping on carpet?

Ans: Buy a non-slippery mat as a precaution or apply a cloth type material under the mat to prevent from slipping.

d. How to make a yoga mat stick to carpet?

Ans: A Yoga mat can stick to carpet if you use a rubbery type material or a plastic material which starts to stick on long use. You can also use BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat that reviewed above if your mat slips on the carpet. Here is a video for you to use those blocks and how to practice yoga with exercise blocks on carpet:

e. Is it better to do yoga on carpet or wood floors?

Ans: There is really no right answer for that. If you are comfortable doing yoga on carpet, then go with it. Some people prefer practicing yoga with their mat on wood floors. Most people would think that yoga on the carpet or on wooden floors is out of the question. However, this is not true as you can practice yoga on all surfaces. There are various kinds of yoga mats available in the market. You can purchase mats which are specifically designed for different types of floors like hard wood, linoleum, carpet, and many more. You have to be careful while selecting your mat. Just select a mat which feels comfortable and is easy to walk on.

I prefer yoga on carpet when I practice my meditation routine. If you meditate for longer than 20 minutes, I recommend practicing yoga on carpet.

f. Can doing yoga on carpet hurt your wrists?

It depends on the surface material of the carpet. If it contains of rough wool material then it is bound to hurt your wrists.

So you are thinking about doing yoga on carpet because you have heard that it is good for your health. You want to feel like you are stretching and your muscles are being stretched. Well, I have some bad news for you; doing yoga on the carpet is going to hurt your wrists if you do it wrong. Yoga is a very strenuous form of exercise so you need to do it the right way or you are going to get hurt. If you are just starting out, and you don’t know how to do the right way then you might be tempted to just hop right on the mat and start doing the yoga moves, but this is not a good idea.

It may sound crazy that yoga is going to hurt your wrists but that is exactly what is happening when people start their routine and they overextend themselves. They do not have enough balance and when they overextend themselves they put a lot of stress on their bodies. Overworking your body will lead to overtraining your muscles and this is going to cause you to get hurt. So while doing yoga on carpet may sound like fun, you will probably be better off if you did it the right way and not trying to do too much.

g. What thickness yoga mat is best for carpet?

Ans: A minimum of ¼ inch is a bare requirement if you want a good experience. You can opt for much thicker carpets but it depends purely upon you. It depends on which type of yoga you plan on doing, and also on the thickness and softness of your carpet. If you have a thin carpet, then a thicker mat would be best, otherwise a thin mat will do just fine.

When comparing a yoga mat with a carpet, there are a few other things to take into consideration. For example, thick mats are much more absorbent than thin ones, which is important if you plan on doing a lot of yoga on them. Also, if you are allergic to dust mites or other allergens, a thick mat will help keep your floor free of these tiny critters. They tend to get attracted to the sticky residue that a carpet can leave behind, and can cause skin irritations as they burrow their way between the mat and your body.

If you are undecided about which yoga mat to purchase, you might also consider buying several different ones. One size may fit my wife’s yoga mat but not my own. Or vice versa. The only limit to buying multiple mats is your imagination!


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