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Slip No More: Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands

Slip No More: Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands 

If you are a true yogi, and you are doing yoga regularly then you faced slipping hands and feet during downward dog. This is a very common problem for yogis. This is very irritating and may injure you.

The main reason for slipping is your not-sticky mat which is not sweat-resistant. The result is you are not enjoying yoga and also reduces its effectiveness on your body.  

To make sure you are doing correct yoga, the most important thing you have to use is a correct mat. So what is the correct mat? A correct is what keeps your body in the correct posture. For this, you have to use the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet. This type of mat reduces the chances of injuries when you are in a downward dog position. The best yoga mat for people with sweaty hands is a very useful tool in yoga. 

There are tons of yoga mats on the market. It is very difficult to choose which to purchase and which not. That’s why I’m here to help you out. With long research, I found the top 5 cheap and best yoga mats for sweaty hands for all the yogis. 

So without wasting further time, let’s jump straight into it…

Best yoga mat for sweaty hands comparison chart:

Product NameWeight (LB)MaterialPrice
YUGLAND PU Yoga Mat6.1RubberCheck Price on Amazon
Heathyoga Yoga Mat3PolyurethaneCheck Price on Amazon
Manduka EKO Lite Yoga Mat3.5RubberCheck Price on Amazon
Liforme Yoga Mat5.5Natural RubberCheck Price on Amazon
Kiaitre PU Yoga Mat5RubberCheck Price on Amazon

Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands Product Reviews:

All the mats which I researched for you are great to use. However, each has some pros and cons. It’s up to you which you want to buy depending upon your budget and which suits you best.

Here are the details of all mats…

a- YUGLAND PU Yoga Mat:

YUGLAND PU Yoga mat is the best sticky yoga mat for sweaty hands available in different colors. The best thing about this yoga mat is its ability to observe sweat quickly. It is one of the grippiest yoga mats in the market. This mat allows you to keep your body in whatever pose you want.

           Thickness : 4mm

           Weight : 6.1LB

           Width : 26in

           Length : 72in

  • Eco-friendly
  • Available in different colors and alignment lines
  • Free carry strap and bag available with mat
  • Mat is non-toxic and can recycle
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Budget friendly
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • 3kg in weight
  • Not good for rubber allergic people
  • The strong smell of rubber

YUGLAND on Amazon

b- Heathyoga ProGrip Non-Slip Yoga Mat:

Heathyoga ProGrip mat is the ultimate choice for hot yoga. It has a wet-grip surface with alignment lines. It is made of a Polyurethane top layer. The alignment lines make your progress super smooth improving your skills accurately.

           Thickness : 5mm(Approx.)

           Weight : 3LB

           Width : 26in

           Length : 72in

  • It is eco-friendly too
  • Made of non-slip material
  • Odorless
  • Lightweight
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Not good for daily use
  • Not very durable

Healthyoga on Amazon

c- Manduka 4 mm EKO Lite Yoga Mat:

Manduka lite cushion mat is very soft and comfortable to use. It is very effective for wet surfaces and absorbs sweat quickly. Because it is made of biodegradable rubber, it helps you keep your body shape in the correct position.

           Thickness : 4mm

           Weight : 3.5LB(Approx.)

           Width : 26in

           Length : 72in

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comfortable to use
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Take time to “break-in”. It will take some practice
  • No alignment lines
  • Not for rubber allergic people

Manduka EKO Lite on Amazon

d- Liforme Original Yoga Mat:

The lifeform yoga mat is one of the best yoga mats for people with sweaty hands. With its alignment line, it helps you check your progress accurately. It is made of rubber material which makes your yoga super comfortable and easy. This yoga mat helps you grip your body perfectly.

           Thickness : 4.2mm

           Weight : 5.5LB(Approx.)

           Width : 26.77in

           Length : 72.83in

  • Very comfortable
  • Alignment line to check your progress
  • A free bag is available with the mat
  • Super durable
  • Great for daily use
  • Not for rubber allergic people
  • Not budget friendly 🙂

Liforme on Amazon

e- Kiaitre PU Yoga Mat:

Kiaitre yoga mat is made of Polyurethane natural rubber which is the best sticky yoga mat for sweaty hands. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly to your environment. With its ultra-dense cushioning, it helps you keep your body in your desire pose. You can mold your position with full grip using this Kiaitre PU yoga mat.

           Thickness : 4.2mm

           Weight : 5LB(Approx.)

           Width : 26.8in

           Length : 72in

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • Comfortable dense cushioning to help your grip your body.
  • Highly sweat observance quality.
  • Non-Slippy
  • Not for rubber allergic people.
  • Alignment line not available.
  • Available in only 1 color
  • Super cheap among PU mats

Kiaitre Yoga Mat on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider Before Buying the Mat?

There are several things to consider when buying a good sticky mat. These mostly depend on your budget and which suits you best. However, six are the main things that you should consider when buying the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet.

a- Material:

Material is a very important thing to consider when buying a yoga mat. Most mats in the market are either made of Rubber or Vinyl (PVC). The material decides whether the mat is eco-friendly, sponginess, stickiness, and the texture mat.

Rubber mats have more stickiness than Vinyl mats. However, If you have allergic to latex, you should avoid rubber mats. Ont the other hand, vinyl mats are more spongy than rubber mats. Vinyl mats also last a long time.

PU yoga mats are the most grippiest products in the market. Don’t prefer TPE yoga mats as they slips a low and they do not absorb the sweat. The cork yoga mats are also slippy.

b- Thickness:

Thickness decides where your yoga will go in the future. There are mostly 3 types of yoga mats in the market relative to thickness. They are 1\16inch, 1\4inch, 1\8inch.

The 1\16inch yoga mat is called a thin yoga mat because of its very small thickness. As it is very thin, it gives you a strong grip on the floor managing to keep your posture in a balanced state. However, It is not very cushioned and in the beginning, you may feel irritation. Your wrists might hurt when you are a beginner yogi. But, you can use those thin mats on the carpet. You can check my other post if you wonder doing yoga on carpet.

The 1\4 inch mat is thick. It is very cushioned and comfortable. If you want to do yoga related to bone digging, then you should use this thick mat.

The 1\8 inch mat is called a medium-thick mat. And also called the ideal mat for yoga. If you want to enjoy the thick and thin mat features, then this is best for you. That’s why it is the best yoga mat for people with sweaty hands because it has mixed features giving you a nice grip.

c- Slippiness:

Slippiness is the major factor you should be in consideration while buying a yoga mat. Slippiness allows you to move from one pose to another smoothly and also helps you out balancing in one posture.

If you are facing a slippiness issue, then a rubber mat is the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet. But keep in your mind that the rubber mats are slippy when they are not clean. So every time you are using it, make sure you clean it first. 

d- Color & Pattern:

Color and pattern is not such an important factor. But everyone has their favorite color and choice. Some mats are available in one color or some are available in bulk color. Some have multiple designs and some have only one. So the choice is yours which color and pattern you want to choose.

e- Texture and Stickiness:

Why texture is an important factor for a yoga mat? The reason is that texture decides whether the mat is sticky or not. Whether it is comfortable or not. Texture also controls the slippiness factor closely.

The rubber yoga mat gives you a softer feel of texture with stickiness while vinyl mats (known as PVC too) create a sponginess for your yoga.

Stickiness gives your body a complete balance while doing yoga. If you are looking for the best sticky yoga mat for sweaty hands then the rubber mat should be your choice. It keeps your body in a grip and balance state making your yoga smooth and comfortable.

f- Price:

Are you in search of the best cheap yoga mat for sweaty hands? Or you want the best yoga mat for people with sweaty hands at any price. It is up to you which one you want depending upon your budget. But we suggest you choose one of our five mats because they are cheap and the best yoga mat for sweaty hands. 

Typically, the 1.8inch yoga mats with basic material and texture are of lower rates. If you are looking for premium stylish and made of excellent material, then you have to pay comparatively higher rates.

Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands (FAQ): 

a- Why do I slip on my yoga mat:

There may two basic reasons for slipping on a yoga mat. The one culprit is your mat. Maybe your mat is less sticky and not absorb sweat quickly. In this situation, you should change your mat. The rubber mat is the best choice for solving this problem.

The second is you may have hyperhidrosis. What is hyperhidrosis? It’s excessive sweating abnormally. Heat or exercise is not a necessary factor for this. In hyperhidrosis situations, you sweat so much and it sucks in your clothes and maybe in your mat which causing slipping.

b- How to make a yoga mat less slippery:

You can do two things to make your yoga mat less slippery. You can use a yoga towel and also use gloves and socks. After that, your problem will be solved. 

I also researched and find the best towel and gloves or socks. Let’s see their features.

i- Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel for Mat:

This yoga mat towel is good for your yoga exercise to dry out your sweat quickly. Its grip-dots texture gives you the ability to clean your mat super fast and easily. The best thing about this towel is its lightweight that helps you to carry it anywhere you want to.

As it is made of recycled polyester with nylon, it is eco-friendly. But it has one downside. Polyester is also attracted the oil coming out from our bodies. So it also sucks it which results in a strong smell.

Yogitoes on Amazon

ii- YogaPaws SkinThin Non-Slip Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks:

YogaPaws gloves and socks are the best matches for your sticky yoga mat. It helps your mat to wet slowly. And that why reducing slippiness to a great extent.

These gloves and socks are very comfortable and easy to use. It also absorbs your body sweat quickly and also prevents a strong smell.

YogaPaws on Amazon

c- How to stop slipping on yoga mat:

You can use multiple things to stop slipping on the yoga mat. These include putting some liquid chalk in your hands and feet or using the non-resistant mat. But let’s find some internal factors to control this problem.

As we know yoga is all about muscle exercise. So, to stop slipping on the yoga mat, you should use your muscles actively when doing some poses. I know, in the beginning, it’s not easy but keep the practice on it. The only thing you have to do is consciously control your muscles in certain poses.

d- How to help my hands not to slip on the mat when doing yoga:

This is a very common problem lots of yogis and particularly beginner yogi faced. It is due to lack of practice or sometimes external factors as well.

The first thing you have to do is practice and practice. The second thing you can do is using a towel yoga mat that you placed on your mat’s hands side. Because the towel has quickly dried your sweat. It also helps your hand to grip strongly.


Yoga tools are very important to do correct and proper yoga. There are tons of mats and towels in the market. Of course, it is very difficult to find which product you have to buy for your exercise. That’s why I put this research in front of you to make a good decision. Check all of that and choose the one which is best suited to your budget and your environment and start doing happy yoga!

If you are certain that you are into yoga, then you should start investing. I recommend purchasing Liforme Yoga Mat to not to slip on your mat.

If you are a beginner and you are not sure if you practice yoga for your entire life, then I recommend purchasing YUGLAND PU Yoga Mat. It is budget friendly and will help you grip on the mat.


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