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What is the Best Incense for Meditation?

What is the Best Incense for Meditation?

Best Incense for Meditation

Best incense for meditation– Incense therapies are pretty famous worldwide. They are aromatic biotic material which is well-known smoke releasing the fragrance when burnt. For many centuries people are using them for aesthetic purposes, while others use them for superstitious reasons. It is right to see that our ancestors were right that incense is the right tool for medication and meditation because it calms down a person and heals a tremendous amount of diseases. In case you are wondering what the best incense for deep meditation is, this article is for you because we will cover the best incense for meditations, their benefits, ingredients, ways to use, and a lot more with you. So, sit back and learn the maximum for your good!

Incense for Meditation Product Comparison Chart

TitleStamford Incense SticksHEM Incense SticksSimply Vedic Incense Sticks Chakras Incense SticksPurple Canyon Smudge Sticks
# of Sticks1201201401403 Packs
Includes Holder?nonoyes!yes!no
Scent7 Options AvailableOnly one option in the pack7 Options Available7 Options AvailableNo artificial scents
Buy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Best Incense for Meditation Product Reviews

Finding yourself the best incense product is not an easy job. At least not, until and unless you know the pros and cons of every product. Looking at only the pros or cons can be a little deceiving at times. Hence you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of every product simultaneously before purchasing any product, including incense for meditation. It is the only way to get the best incense scent for meditation.

1.     Stamford Incense Sticks

Stamford Incense Sticks for Meditation
Stamford Incense Sticks for Meditation

These incense sticks come with a wide range of aromas and properties. They are packed in such a way that each packet showcases its specialty. These may be used for relaxing, refreshing, and meditating.

  • Stamford incense sticks provide stress relief and help you relax after a tiring day.
  • They are slow-burning and will last you a long time.
  • The aroma will linger on for a long time after you put them out.
  • It does not come with an incense holder.
  • It may smell like smoke if you keep it burning for too long.

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2.     HEM Meditation Incense Sticks 

HEM Meditation Incense Sticks
HEM Meditation Incense Sticks

The HEM meditation incense sticks have a soothing aroma and a calming effect on their users. The smell is just right- neither too low nor too overwhelming.

  • These sticks are long-lasting and burn for a long time before you change to change them.
  • They have a strong aroma that does not leave your house too soon.
  • These sticks are known to cause a burning sensation in the throat or lungs sometimes.
  • The scent may cause a headache or wheeze in some people.

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3.     Simply Vedic Incense Sticks

Simply Vedic Incense Sticks
Simply Vedic Incense Sticks

People usually ask, “what incense is best for meditation?” Well, these simple Vedic incense sticks help you relax your mind like no other! These incense sticks are easy to use and set up.

  • These meditation incense sticks provide relief from stress, but they also help you sleep better.
  • For meditation purposes, they provide you with the best aroma and a relaxing environment.
  • They come in 7 fragrances and upgraded cones to make your experience even better.
  • These incense sticks may lead to nervous system disorders or gradual memory loss.
  • They can cause headaches as well as minor allergies in people sensitive to incense.
  • The fumes may be toxic to the body’s cells and tissues if used for a long time.

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4.     Chakras Incense Sticks for Meditation

Chakras Incense Sticks for Meditation
Chakras Incense Sticks for Meditation

Since blocked chakras can result in a lot of emotional and physical distress, it is essential to keep your body’s chakras in check! With chakras incense meditation sticks, you can relax your mind and body with an aroma that fills up your entire room. The chakras incense sticks are made explicitly for meditation purposes and will ensure your inner peace, well-being, and thorough relaxation.

  • These meditation sticks come in a lot of fragrances which are distinguished by their specific packaging. Some of these include jasmine, rose, peppermint, sage, and lotus.
  • These are made with 100% organic ingredients and essential oils that can only be good for your mind and body.
  • Their fragrance is long-lasting and spreads throughout the whole house in no time!
  • This specific incense of meditation does not contain any harmful chemicals and will only help your body and mind relax.
  • Inhalation of incense smoke may be harmful to human health.
  • Meditation incense scents are irritating for asthma patients and may cause them to need their medications more often.
  • It may result in the inhalation of harmful microscopic particles that are bad for the lungs and heart.

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5.     Purple Canyon Smudge Sticks

Purple Canyon Smudge Sticks
Purple Canyon Smudge Sticks

Those sticks are bundles of white sage burned to perform cleansing rituals and eliminate negative energies from the house. Since sage has antimicrobial properties, it is suitable for keeping viruses and bacteria away from you.

  • They are eco-friendly and made up of organic ingredients hand-picked from farms.
  • Contain no additives or chemicals that may be adverse for human health.
  • Don’t have any artificial scent, and it may help relieve the symptoms of a lot of allergies.
  • Sage incense can sometimes be bad for animals.
  • Burning incense can sometimes be a reason for cancer.
  • It may contain carcinogens that are harmful to human beings and animals as well.

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Buyer’s Guide – What to consider before buying an incense for meditation

If you’ve never found a suitable incense stick for you, or you don’t know the tips and tricks for buying an incense for meditation, here is a complete guide for you. You must consider all these suggestions to invest your money in the right place and gain maximum benefits.

Types of Incense

It is pretty sad that we know very little about many things and don’t try to do our research before buying anything. Almost 60% of people think stick incense is the only traditional incense available. However, that is not the case! Incense is available in so many shapes and types, you’ll be amazed! They come in stick, coil, and cone shapes. Other than that, there is heating incense-like aromatic wood and kneaded incense or pressed incense. Well, that’s not all because sachet incense- that need no burning are also available in the market. If you are considering buying an incense, try investing in one of these:

  • Meditation Incense: is best for improving your meditation practices and relaxing. It is the most recommended way of enhancing your focus.
  • Sandalwood Incense: is a scented wood with a powerful but pleasant aroma that improves the nervous system and blood pressure.
  • Frankincense Incense: frankincense incense is a very soft type of incense that improves mood and relieves stress. Hence, it is ideal for calming your nerves and relaxing.


The best thing about incense is that it is made of totally natural and organic products. They compose of resins, sage, oil, and woods- all aromatic! Hence they are healthy and have very few to no harmful impacts on anyone.


The incense contains natural products, which is why they are ideal for health. However, sometimes synthetic materials are also used to improve the burning time and stick the ingredients together. These things usually depend on the company you are buying them from, so don’t forget to read the label and ingredient list before purchasing any incense.


 Your health comes first! If you want maximum benefits and a product with no adverse effects on your health, go all-herbal! Buy incense sticks or cones that are purely herbal. Also, avoid those with added essential oils or scents.


The fragrance of your incense plays a considerable role in how it will impact your practices and health. Do you like the scent of lavender, vanilla, jasmine, etc., or are you allergic to one of them? Well, if you want them, buy them straight away, but refrain from buying them if they give you headaches or respiratory problems.

Japanese vs. Tibetan incense sticks?

Japanese and Tibetan incense sticks- are pretty standard globally. However, if you are going to buy Japanese incense sticks, they will be pure, homemade, and more refined. On the other hand, Tibetan incense sticks are thicker and more handmade. So, think of what you want more and purchase it right away.

Incense for Meditation FAQ

Why burn incense during meditation?

There are many benefits of burning incense during meditation, so people are practicing it for years now. It’s relatively more famous for burning it for relaxing the nerves, muscles, enhancing the focus, and boosting the spirits and motivation level. So, if you find yourself distracted or in low spirits while meditating, incense is undoubtedly going to help you out. You can choose the aroma that you find good and are not allergic to, but typically lotus and sandalwood incense of meditation are ideal. Here is a great video that explains the significance of incense in meditation:

Which incense is best for meditation?

Various researches suggest that the best incense for deep meditation are lotus, sandalwood, and Frankincense. People like them more because of their calming properties. So, do try them out if you can’t find a go-to incense for yourself.

What is the best incense for psychic meditation?

Burning incense for psychic meditation is a common practice and tradition in Korea and Japan that is spreading globally at a pretty fast rate. But the best recommendation is jasmine incense, as it is famously known for improving psychic abilities and inducing prophetic dreams in people.

What incense do Buddhist monks use for meditation?

The two common incense used by monks and Buddhists for meditation are coreless and bamboo stick incense. The reasons for them to use these specific incense are religious value to them as they believe coreless incense burns ultimately, leaving no mark behind and removing the impurities. Also, they are lightened in honor of Buddha, dharma, and sangha, also known as the triple gem of Buddhism.

How to use incense for meditation?

Many people know that incense is beneficial for meditation, but very few people know the right way to use them. And this is the reason aromatherapy or incense doesn’t work for some people. So, to do it right, use one stick at a time, choose the aroma that suits you, and be non-allergic to it. Also, limit your time to your meditation only and not overuse it because the smoke contains carcinogens that can be harmful to you.

Why use a candle and incense for meditation?

There are many benefits of burning a candle or incense for meditation; for instance, they help relax your nerves, unwinding the mind, improving focus, enhancing creativity, mindfulness, and generosity. There are many more religious and spiritual benefits of doing so as well.

What is sandalwood incense used for?

Many Buddhist practices and scientific research prove that sandalwood incense is good for keeping the mind awake, enhancing focus, and improving the human mind’s alertness levels. They are ideal for meditation as it helps people to stay on a track while meditating. It is one of the best incense fragrances for meditation.

How to light an incense?

Follow the steps below to light an incense properly

  • Keep your windows or door open while using incense so that there is proper ventilation and the smoke doesn’t build up in the room.
  • Place the incense away from anything that can catch fire. Also, keep it out of reach of children.
  • Light the incense using a matchbox and wait for the smoke to start to confirm your incense is lightened up.
  • If you have respiratory problems like asthma or sinus, avoid using incense to cause suffocation and other breathing problems.

How long does it take for an incense stick to burn?

It takes about 25-45 to burn an incense stick. However, the timing depends on the quality, thickness, and length of your stick.

How to burn incense sticks without a holder?

If you don’t have an incense stick holder available, use salt, sand, rice in a cup and stick your incense stick in it. You can also make your own holder at home. Here is a great video for DIY Incense Holder:

What type of incense is used in meditation?

Frankincense (Boswellia) is used in meditation because it has excellent calming properties and a positive impact on the nervous system. You can also check my 20-minute meditation post if you would like to meditate with incense sticks.


Incense is the best product used for meditation purposes because it has immense relaxing and spiritual properties. It not only helps in relaxing the mind, increasing creativity, and boosting moods, but it also improves the focus and alertness levels of the mind. So, if you meditate and feel like it’s not working, you might be missing out on something- which is the use of incense. You need to light up incense in the meditating room to create a healthy environment for yourself.

However, take care of a few things while using incense to avoid the aroma of incense sticks that you are allergic to. Also, refrain from using them if you are pregnant. Consult your doctor before using in case you are allergic to a specific scent or smoke. After all, you want to do good for yourself and not bad! So, to have the maximum benefits of using incense while meditating, choose the right stick and consider all other factors.


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