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Best Candles for Meditation

Best Candles for Meditation

What are the best candles for meditation?

When one thinks of yoga and meditation, the mind immediately goes to scented candles. This is because the aroma of scented candles is so calming that it automatically relaxes you. For most of us, it takes a while to find the best incense for meditation. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. Meditation candles often come in all kinds of wonderful flavors and scents, and when you find yours, trust me, your life will change. Below I offer you some of the best scented candles for meditation. You’re sure to find your signature scent from one of these.

Meditation Candles Comparison Chart

TitleManifestation CandleAll Natural CandleMagnificent 101Harmony Home CandleAroma Naturals CandleAloha Bay
Scent3 set - all smell differentlyBergamot & TangerineWhite SageWhite SagePure Essential OilPure Essential Oil
MaterialGlass, WaxSoy Wax OrganicNatural Soy WaxSoy WaxPillar CandlePalm Wax
Amazon's Choice?Yes!NopeNopeNopeNopeNope
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Best Candles for Meditation Product Reviews

1.      Manifestation Candle

Manifestation candles are ideal for people who are really into astrology and are also some of the best candles for meditation. The whole idea behind these candles is that each one represents a different sun or moon sign, and so, with the powers vested in it from the universe, it can heal you and make you a better version of yourself. I would recommend that you buy the candle that coincides with your sun sign because that is most likely to go in sync with your energy.

The pros of this candle are that it is tiny and minimalistic so it will look very cute on your dresser. Moreover, these candles are rumored to have healing powers, and a lot of people keep them for good energy. The one major con of this candle is that it is only said to work if you buy one that coincides with your sun sign. If you’re an Aries and you buy a Taurus candle, it will not help keep bad energy out of your house.

2.      All Natural Meditation Candle

The All-Natural Meditation candle is designed specifically for people who like to light candles while meditating or when in the bath. This is why they are known as yoga candles. The scent is incredibly relaxing and will have you in an extremely Zen state. The great thing about these candles is that they are organic so you don’t have to worry about artificial chemicals that may be burning in your house.

They also have a very lasting fragrance, and you’ll notice the scent lingering long after you burn out the candle. Another advantage of this candle is that it burns evenly. Because of the way it is designed, you can be sure that the candle won’t topple over at some point and burn down your house. The disadvantage of this candle is that it is made of soy and paraffin wax, which some people might be allergic to.

3.      MAGNIFICENT 101 Smudge Candle

This candle is perfect for anyone looking to clear their house of negative and evil energy. Smudging is an ancient technique used first by Native tribes in the Americas. It involves burning white sage and then spreading the fragrance from the smoke all over the house. This is known to dispel any evil spirits and keep the place pure and demon-free. To that end, this candle is also able to cleanse the inside of a person’s soul. It heals the chakra or the inner soul with its fragrance, which is why it is good to inhale it when you’re meditating.

The downside of this candle is that you will have to open up the windows at some point because the scent can get very strong and intense. Ultimately, you must remember that when you light this candle, you have to have an intention to take out negative energy from your house and yourself. You can voice this intention out loud or in your heart, but once you do, you will start to see its magical effects.

4.      Harmony Home Studio Candle

This is a white sage candle that is very similar to the one mentioned above. The purpose of this candle is also to cleanse the area the person is sitting in from demons and evil spirits. It also creates an environment of calm and peace, which is perfect for yoga and meditation. This candle is known as the yoga candle because of the effects it has on yoga practices.

This candle also comes from plants, which makes it natural and organic and therefore, perfect for your home. Another advantage of this candle is that it is packaged beautifully. So it makes for the perfect gift. This is essentially an energy cleansing candle, and it is guaranteed to make you feel light and at peace, after it finishes burning. Its packaging is also environmentally friendly. There are no cons for this candle except that the scent might get a little intense if the candle burns for too long, so it is always a good idea to turn it off at the right time or to open a window or two.

5.      Aroma Naturals Meditation Candle

The Aroma Naturals Meditation Candle is a patchouli candle made out of essential oil. It is perfect for meditation and mindfulness techniques because it is all-natural and has a beautiful fragrance. It also has a very long burn time, almost fifty hours, which means that it is good value for money. The candle is also handmade by expert crafters and so, when you buy one, you will know that each candle has been made with the utmost care and love.

Another great thing about this candle is that it is allergy-friendly, mainly because all of its scents are completely natural. They also contain cotton wicks, as opposed to metal wicks, which are a lot safer especially if you have little kids around. The one downside of this candle is that it comes in limited sizes so you may have to purchase more if you are looking for a long-lasting fragrance.

6.      Aloha Bay Meditation Candle

The Aloha Bay Meditation Candle is great for anyone looking for pure essential oils in their candle. The candle is completely organic and comes in a beautiful cylindrical shape that can fit into any corner of your house. It is known for giving out positive energy and making your house smell amazing.

A lot of people choose to light it when they have guests over when they are meditating or doing yoga. The candle is made from palm wax, and so will last you a very long time. It also burns very nicely because the wick is made out of cotton. The downside of this candle is that its shape could make it very easy to fall over. This makes it a bit of a safety hazard so that’s something you will have to keep in mind.

Buyer’s Guide – what to consider before buying a candle for meditation

a.      Scent

The scent is perhaps the most important element to be on the lookout for when considering buying a candle. Most candles are designed to provide a lovely scent, but there may be a catch. Some candles may leave lingering scents after you turn them off, so you need to make sure that you find a candle that smells good the entire time. You often won’t know for sure what a candle’s scent is until you burn it. But make sure to do a quick test as soon as you burn it to make sure that it smells the way you want it to.

b.      Fragrance

The fragrance of a candle is extremely important simply because it will carry through your entire space the whole time your candle is burning. You can always tell what the fragrance will be like if you sniff the candle before you buy it. Just know that the actual fragrance will be much stronger. The descriptions on the candle box regarding the fragrance are usually pretty misleading, so make sure you sample the product before you buy it to confirm that you’re getting your money’s worth.

c.       Size – Scent Throw

The size of the candle is also an important factor to consider. This is primarily to see if you’re getting your value for money. A bigger candle will naturally burn for a longer amount of time and give you a better value for money. So check the size before you buy the candle. Moreover, it is always a better idea to get a broad candle as compared to a tall candle. The former is more sturdy and less likely to topple over.

d.      Durability

The durability of a candle is its ability to last you for a long time and its ability to withstand any damage to it. If you have little kids or pets running around the house, they might knock your candle off your shelf. You don’t want a candle that breaks every time it falls. Similarly, you don’t want a candle that heats up if it is lit for too long. You need one that’s durable and that will ensure your safety.

e.      Natural/Toxic or not?

This factor is extremely important. It is always a good idea to get a candle that is organic and natural, free of any toxic or harmful chemicals that may trigger your health and safety. Organic candles are also better because they are less likely to cause problems for people who have allergies. Always make sure that you know what ingredients have gone into your candle.

Candles for Meditation FAQ

What color candle is best for meditation?

Go for lighter, earthier tones of color when looking for candles for meditation. I would recommend colors like beige, white, or eggshell. Harsher and brighter colors may be too distracting and will take away from your meditation process.

How to make meditation candles?

You will need a container, preferably made out of glass or strong plastic. Next, you will need a wick, preferably cotton because metal can be dangerous. Finally, you will need a lot of wax, either paraffin or soy, but you’ll have more luck with organic wax-like palm wax. Put the wick and the wax in the container, add a desired perfumed scent, and voila, you have your candle. Here is a great video for making your own meditation candles at home:

What candles are good for meditation?

Any candles that have light fragrances are great for meditation. If the scent is too strong, it may distract you from the meditation process. Any scent that is based on the earth, like that of plants or wood, is a good option to go for.

How to do candle meditation?

First, light the candle. Then, dim the lights. Find a place where no one comes, and where you get the least amount of outside noise. Make sure the doors are closed. Find a spot on the floor that seems comfortable and place a cushion or a mat. Put the candle directly in front of you. Stare at it as you breathe in and out. Pay attention to the flickering of the flame and the wafting scent of the candle. Continue this process for the duration of your meditation.

How to use candles for meditation?

Candles in meditation are meant to calm you and cleanse your chakra. The key is to keep the candle the central focus. Stare at it as you meditate.

What are the meditation candle color meanings?

Earthy tones are used for meditation primarily because they are calmer and less distracting. Beige signifies of and from the earth and helps you connect with nature.

What are the benefits of candlelight meditation?

Candles act as a necessary focus point during meditation. Not only do they make for a calmer atmosphere, but they also give you something to direct your energy to. All of the negative energy pent up inside you is then transferred to the candle.

What scents are good for meditation?

Any scents that are to do with the earth and with nature are great for meditation. You can also use classic scents like vanilla, which gives you a good feeling. On the other hand, most people use incenses while meditating. You can also find out more about meditation incenses in this article.

What is the most calming scent?

This is going to be entirely subjective, however, plant-based scents are usually considered to be the most calming because they remind you of being within nature.

Why are candles used in meditation?

Candles are used in meditation because they focus your energies and give you a scapegoat at which you can direct all your negative energy. By the time you’re done meditating, the candle will contain the negative energy and you will be cleansed of it. Using candles for our meditation practice is called Trataka. Here you can find out more about it:

Trataka Meditation


Now that you know everything there is to know about scented candles, go grab one today, and start your journey towards mindfulness and meditation. I guarantee you will not regret it!


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