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20 Minute Meditation – Developing Good Brainwaves

20 Minute Meditation – Developing Good Brainwaves

Why do you need for 20 Min Meditation?

In a busy world, many people struggle to find time to sit quietly and relax. Sitting still, meditating, and breathing can go a long way toward helping us reduce stress levels and improve our general wellbeing. When it comes to bettering your mental abilities through better sleep and learning to develop a sense of mental focus and alertness, there is nothing that quite brings it all together like the ability to do a 20 minute meditation. It is so effective that it has been used by some of the most successful people in the world, including famous business leaders, athletes, and celebrities.

There are many reasons why these people choose to use this type of technique. Most importantly, the benefits that this type of meditation can bring to your brain are phenomenal. Not only are they able to develop a sense of mental focus and alertness, but they can also improve their overall brain functions.

Getting Prepared for 20-Min Meditation

In order to use this form of 20 minute meditation, you need to start by learning how to obtain the brainwave frequencies that you need. In order to do this, you need to know what you want to accomplish with the brainwave frequencies that you are aiming for. Once you have learned how to do this, then it is simply a matter of practicing on a regular basis. After a while, you will find that you will begin to notice a change within your brain waves as you work towards reaching your goals. The trick with this kind of brainwave meditation is to set a goal, then keep to your goal no matter what. By doing this, it will be easier for you to stay focused on your goals, thus achieving your goals more quickly.

Another benefit of this brainwave meditation is that it can help you learn how to control brainwaves when you sleep. This is beneficial because it can help you better relax when you get tired or when you simply want to get a rest. The reason for this is that it is during these times that most of us experience drowsiness, which can prevent us from staying focused and alert. By using this type of brainwave frequency meditation, you can find that you can stay awake and focused throughout the night, allowing you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on your day.

Should you begin with a guided meditation or silent?

20 minute guided meditation:

If you would like to learn how to meditate for 20 minutes or less or more, one of the best ways is through guided meditation. A guided meditation is where the facilitator, usually a teacher or coach, will sit with you and go over some breathing techniques and things of that nature. You will then be asked to concentrate on these breathing techniques and put your mind into a place of calmness and serenity. This in turn will help you be able to enter into a place of peace and tranquility.

Here you can find my favorite guided meditation for 20 minutes. Try and see how it feels!

20 minute silent meditation:

The silent meditation, on the other hand, allows you to slow down your thinking and focus on your breath, which is very powerful. You will find that the more you practice this technique and put it into practice, the more your thoughts become less of a nuisance and more of a calm presence. Try it out; you may be pleasantly surprised by how much easier it is to meditate when you don’t have as many distracting thoughts to occupy your mind!

Wanna wonder how it feels like? Try 20 minute silent meditation now:

So what is ‘Guided Meditation Or Silent Meditation’? Guided meditation involves the listener engaging with the imagery and then playing it back to themselves in the background, whilst engaging with the sounds and feelings generated during the meditation. ‘Silent Meditation’ involves the mediator focusing on nothing in particular whilst closing their eyes, or wearing earphones to only allow sounds from their environment to enter their brain. Guided imagery is very different to other forms of meditation as it is much more flexible and can be practiced by anyone. However, it is worth bearing in mind that many individuals can benefit from guided imagery and silence meditation alike.

If you are a beginner mediator, the silent meditation might be a little bit hard for you to stay focused. So, it’s better to begin meditating with 20 minute guided meditation. The more you practice, the better you stay focused. After a while, you can enjoy the silent meditation that last longer than 20 minutes or more.

What Kind of Guided Meditation Do You Need?

Find out what your mind, body, and your soul need. Are you anxious these days? Can’t get enough sleep? Or, do you want to deepen your meditation? There are plenty of 20 minute guided mindfulness meditation that you can find. You should just decide what you need.

20 Minute Guided Meditation for Sleep

Meditation for sleep is one of the best ways to go about enjoying your life to the fullest. Many people do not fully understand the benefits of meditation and therefore they don’t put it into practice. When you meditate for sleep, you are helping your body get the rest it needs, which in turn means improving your mood, sharpening your focus, eliminating stress, relaxing your muscles, and creating a better quality of sleep. I enjoy the video below that is 20 minute guided meditation for sleep:

What to Wear to Meditation?

So you are ready for your 20 minute meditation but you don’t know what to wear? Here you can find out. There are some fundamental differences between what people wear for meditation and what they wear to jog or exercise. While many people who meditate tend to be relaxed and in the midst of the action, it is important to remember that the clothes we choose to wear while we are meditating should also allow free movement. When practicing the art of meditation we often find our breathing becomes very regulated and in order to be able to access that meditative state, we need to be able to move freely. Wearing meditation clothing can help us achieve this.

What Meditation Clothing You Need?

There are some basic pieces of meditation clothing that any serious meditator should own, and these include a comfortable and loose pair of shorts, a tank top that is not tight around the torso, long pants that reach the thighs and are slipped on – not tight at the knees, and a comfortable sweatshirt that you can slip on when you don’t want the extra warmth. Wearing loose clothing is important because your body will not have as much to rely on to regulate its temperature. Also, the sweat makes you feel better so you end up not wearing as many clothes. Sweatshirts that you can slip over your shoulders are great for both wearing while you are doing meditation and during times when you just want to relax.

When shopping for your meditation clothing, you may also want to consider buying a baggy sweater or a sweatshirt that is made specifically for your meditation sessions. They make wearing them much easier and you will not have to worry about your sweat showing up if you get a sweatband. Other items you might want to consider include meditation mats, Buddha statues, cross cushions, and bolsters. You can even make your own combination of meditation gear by getting a yoga block and using that to cushion your hips. It all depends on your budget and what you think you can fit into your budget.

My husband really likes the clothing combination below. If you are looking for a meditation clothing for men, I would recommend these comfortable clothes. You can purchase here.

Most of the people who mediate also practice yoga. After your 20 minute meditation, you might enjoy doing yoga as it will also keep your body, mind, and soul relaxed. On the other hand, you might also enjoy yoga mat storage ideas article as it also shows how you can store your yoga and meditation clothes.

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